Helping you create a holistic, goals-based Investment plan or customized strategy for the road ahead


We get to know you to create a holistic, goals-based investment plan and customized strategy that we'll monitor on a regular basis. As fee-based LPL investment advisor representatives, we charge an asset-based management fee so that our compensation is directly linked to the value of your investment portfolio. 

<strong>Your interests are OUR interests</strong>

Your interests are OUR interests

We understand the intricacies of personal wealth management, and have knowledge in what it takes to invest properly and effectively.

Specializing in retirement and investment accounts, our financial management firm offers the following private wealth management services:

  • In-Person Reviews
  • Comprehensive Performance Reporting
  • Investment Education
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Income Projections
  • Portfolio Management
  • Personal Investment Planning

Our Process

In order to help you build a financial future, we adopt a personalized, hands-on approach, tailored to your unique needs and ambitions.  Proactive in our strategies, our team proves itself a reliable resource, instilling confidence in your financial future well-being.

Individual services begin with fact-finding which offers our team a richer view of your financial reality.  Then we utilize financial planning tools to evaluate and determine the next steps of your plan.  We invite your input during the annual review and re-evaluation process, which provides a comprehensive overview including performance reporting, asset allocation, income analysis, and a discussion of current market conditions.

Let's discuss how Westgate Captial can assist you with building a financial future.

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