One of the largest independent financial services firms in Tacoma


Proudly serving clients in and around Washington’s Tacoma and Puget Sound areas since 1986, Westgate Capital Consultants is a large independent financial services firm in the Tacoma area.

As an independent financial services firm, we have no proprietary investment requirements.  We specialize in group retirement plans and individual wealth management.  We are the knowledgeable resource that our clients need when it comes to planning for retirement.  As independent advocates, guided by our core principals of honesty and integrity, our team takes an holistic approach to planning your financial future.

<strong>Why We're Different</strong>

Why We're Different

One of the first firms to introduce allocated retirement plans to clients in the Puget Sound area, we specialize in the development, education, and execution of sound retirement plans, providing personalized service and materials throughout the process.

Not to mention, we're trailblazers.  In 2009, Scott Shelton was formally established as an Accredited Investment Fiduciary - one of only two in Tacoma and 73 in Washington at the time.  In 2011, Ian Hartley also earned his AIF® designation.

Inspired by moral standards, not federal legislation, we've been proudly acting in our clients' best interests since our inception.

Our Philosophy

Our work requires that we build a solid foundation of professionalism between our team and our clients. In order to create and support that foundation, we rely on our philosophy of integrity as the driving force behind all of our decisions, communication, and actions. We collaborate with our clients to determine what they need and customize a plan to deliver, accordingly. Over time, we maintain the foundation we’ve built through professional interaction and consistent communication.

Reliable. Proactive. Independent.
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